Karina老师带你一起解说TED演讲 | 3 tips to boost your confidence

作者:xin  2020-03-12


我们经常被人告知“Be more confident.”尤其是在开启一门新的语言的时候,可能我们之中的有些人天生就比他人自信,而绝大部分人仍在质问自己,我们所处的环境是否允许犯错和成长?我们会感到被批评吗?今天,Karina老师将带领大家一起解析TED精英演讲,拾起你的自信!

01.Try a Quick Fix

This involves picturing yourself succeeding in an upcoming event. Also, if you like dance or rap music with deep bass, try listening before you go give your next speech or presentation. This could help you to feel more powerful and ready for action!


02.Believe in Your Ability to Improve

This tip urges you to think about something that you wish to improve on— let’s say speaking English.

Do you look at your ability to speak English as something that you were or were not born with? Which would be an example of a fixed mindset. Or is learning English a skill that can be developed and improved upon? Which is more of a growth mindset.


I hear a lot of people say that they are terrible singers. They feel they will always be this way.Perhaps if they worked on this skill with the belief that they can improve, they would eventually see some good results.

03.Practice Failure

This may seem like the opposite of what we want to do, but failure isn’t avoidable.When we fail, we gain opportunities to learn from our mistakes and to grow stronger as individuals. We learn perseverance and determination. "As we gain more knowledge and understanding of ourselves and our capabilities, we gain more confidence for what we can achieve.


As you continue learning English, remember that there will always be room for improvement, and mistakes are usually unavoidable. But your abilities have brought you to where you are today and that is something to be proud of. Have confidence in yourself and your ability to succeed! "