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I know the fall season probably looks a little different to each of you depending upon where you are in the world, but for most of us in America fall means crisp air, leaves on trees changing colors… and  pumpkin spice everything!

We have pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin spice ice cream, pumpkin bread, pumpkin spice beer…




Here’s one of my proudest moments— my heart-shaped cobbler. I almost didn’t want to eat it because it was so pretty. However, my hesitation didn’t last long. I sprinkled it with cinnamon and devoured it. Tasty. If you ever come to America in the fall, I hope you get to enjoy some delicious, fall baked treats.

这是我最骄傲的时刻之一 - 我的心形酥皮馅饼。 我几乎不想吃它因为它太漂亮了。 但是,我的犹豫并没有持续多久。我撒了肉桂粉然后吞了它。 好吃。如果你在秋天来到美国,我希望你能享受一些美味的,秋天烘烤的点心。

I also want to say how proud I am of each of you. Last week I saw some really  amazing comments and I couldn’t be happier. Seriously— great job you guys!! I also saw that some of you are feeling the pressure of all of your school work and I want to give you a little encouragement. When I was in school I had some trouble with managing my time and dealing with my stress. At times, it can be really overwhelming. It helps to remember what your goals are and to remind yourself why you are working so hard.

我还想说我为你们每个人都感到自豪。 上周我看到了一些非常棒的评论,我感到非常高兴。 说真的 - 你们干得好!我也看到你们中的一些人感受到你们所有学校工作的压力,我想给你一点鼓励。 当我在学校时,我在管理时间和处理压力方面遇到了一些麻烦。 有时,它真的是压倒性的。它有助于记住你的目标是什么,并提醒自己为什么你这么努力工作。

打鸡血 英文

If you’re feeling stressed, don’t forget to take some time for yourself. Take a few minutes to breathe and meditate. Just focusing on your breathing can help you to destress. It’s so important to take care of yourselves during the school year. I believe in you guys!

Now, getting into our useful English, today I’m going to teach you a good way to voice your opinion, how to not confuse romantic plans with regular plans, and what to say when you’ve had too much coffee.

如果你感到压力,不要忘记为自己花些时间。 花几分钟时间呼吸和冥想。 只关注你的呼吸可以帮助你减压。 在学年期间照顾好自己是非常重要的。 我相信你们!


First Phrase

Here’s the thing…

This is a good idiom for starting off a conversation or offering your opinion to something. You know how I was saying I love baking treats in the fall? Well, here’s the thing about pumpkin bread and cobbler, they aren’t really great when you’re trying to lose weight and eat healthy. By using the phrase, here’s the thing, you can express your opinion or belief. You can also use it to express yourself.


这是开始谈话或提出意见的好习惯。 比如说我喜欢在秋天享用烘焙食品吗? 嗯,关于南瓜面包和酥皮馅饼有一件事值得了解,当你想减肥和吃健康时,它们并不是很好。 通过使用这句话,你可以表达你的意见或信仰。 你也可以用它来表达自己。

A lot of the times we will use this phrase with sarcasm, or to be humorous. Ladies, next time you want to deny a guy a date, you can say, “Here’s the thing about going out with you tomorrow: I don’t want to.”

Just kidding. Don’t say that. That’s mean.

很多时候我们会用这句话来讽刺,或者表达幽默。 女士们,下次你想要拒绝一个人约会,你可以说,“有一件事,明天和你一起出去:我不想。”

开玩笑。 不要这么说,有点刻薄。


Second phrase

It’s a date.

Speaking of dates… Our next phrase is very important because understanding this can spare you a lot of embarrassment. In the west we use  the term, it’s a date to confirm plans with someone. Now, I’m sure that most of you know that a “date” is also a plan that someone makes with someone else when they are interested in them romantically. But sometimes when we make plans with people we have no intention of it being romantic, but we still say, it’s a date. I may as a friend to meet up for coffee one day, or to study with me next week. To confirm plans that friend could say, “it’s a date!” We both just need to be clear that we know exactly what that means given the context.

So if you say, “it’s a date,” either make sure you know that person fairly well, or actually prepare for a romantic, dinner and movie, date!


说到约会......我们的这一句话非常重要,因为理解这一点可以让你免于尴尬。 在西方,我们使用这个词,它是与某人确认计划的日期。 现在,我确信大多数人都知道,“约会”也是一个人在他们对感兴趣的对象制定的计划。 但有时当我们与人制定计划时,我们并没有浪漫意图,但我们仍然说,这是一个约会。 我可以作为朋友见面喝咖啡,或者下周和我一起学习。 为了确认朋友可以说的计划,“这是一个约会!”我们都需要明确我们确切地知道在当下背景的情况下这意味着什么。


Third phrase

Pushed myself too far.

I think we have all been here in one way or another. When we push ourselves too far, we do too much. Usually this is said in regards to exercise or in some way where we exert ourselves physically. You may push yourself too far when you go to the gym… you know, those times when you can barely lift your arms the next day? Or maybe you stay up all night studying for an exam and the next day you are so exhausted, you can barely keep your eyes open (the moral here is to not procrastinate on your studying).

We can also push other people too far. Maybe by putting too much stress on them. Sometimes parents put a lot of pressure on their children to perform well in school. Their children may feel at times that they push them too far. Have you ever been in an argument with  someone and you get to a point where you say something that really upsets the other person? You may have pushed them too far. I think we’ve all had times where we have been pushed to our limits either emotionally or physically. Find a balance is the key.

We can also say that we pushed ourselves too hard.






Fourth phrase

Bouncing off the walls.

Have you ever had too much caffeine? Or sugar? Maybe you know someone who just has a ton of energy and always seems to have a “go-go-go!” personality?

I often see children that have had too much candy, resulting in them screaming, running, jumping and practically flying in the air. Well, in America we might say that the people or children in these situations are “bouncing off the walls”. Bouncing off the walls is a term that we use to describe someone who is filled with energy or excitement.

The night before I travelled to Paris I was so excited that I could barely sleep. I was so happy that I was practically bouncing off the walls. This term is a good one to use if you want to impress some of your western friends. So the next time your friend gets a triple espresso at Starbucks and starts seeing sounds….you  know what to say.


你有过多的咖啡因吗? 还是糖? 也许你认识一个有很多精力的人,而且似乎总是有随时随地都在嗨的个性?

我经常看到吃了太多糖分的孩子,导致他们尖叫,跑步,跳跃,几乎在空中飞舞。 那么,在美国,我们可能会说这些情况下的人或孩子正在“蹦蹦跳跳”。 从墙壁反弹是我们用来形容充满能量或兴奋的人的术语。

我前往巴黎前一天晚上,我很兴奋,几乎无法入睡。 我很高兴我几乎从墙上弹起来。 如果你想给一些西方朋友留下深刻印象,这个词是一个很好用的词。 所以下次你的朋友在星巴克获得三倍浓缩咖啡并开始听到声音......你知道该说些什么。

Alright everyone, that’s all for today! I hope you all have a fantastic week! Study hard and play hard—- just don’t push yourselves too hard :)

好了,以上就是今天要分享的内容! 我希望你们都有一个美好的一周! 努力学习,也要注意劳逸结合:)