作者:xin  2020-03-12


Hello everybody! Welcome to week 8 of your Useful English podcast! I hope you  all have been having a fantastic week so far. It seems like everyone had a good Halloween last week— I loved seeing pictures from some of the parties! You guys had some really awesome and spooky costumes. This was the first year that I went trick-or-treating with my little sister. She was dressed up as a scarecrow 稻草人 and looked adorable 讨喜. I didn’t spend too much time on my outfit, but ended up going as a cave-woman.

Here’s a picture of us before going out for Halloween celebrations with one of her friends. We had a great time and I hope you all did too.

Alright, focusing on episode 1 of Modern Family, this week I’ve got some phrases for you that will teach you how to finish something that you’ve started, how to react appropriately to certain situations, and a phrase that asks for your sincere agreement! Let’s get started.

Follow through 跟进

When we follow through on something, we finish it until its completion. This could be said for a work or school assignment, a personal project, goal or task, or even a relationship.

For example, you all have made a commitment to learning English. I encourage you to follow through on your plans to learn a second language and to use it to better your life and the world around you. Here’s another example, in the states we have a saying that says, “your eyes are bigger than your stomach.” You know, when you order way too much food at a restaurant because you thought you could eat more than you could? When you order too much, do you give up and stop eating? No! You’ve got to follow through and finish the meal! When your school assignments get difficult, do you drop out of school and tell your teachers you’ve had enough? No! Follow through and persevere!


例如,你们都承诺要学习英语。我鼓励您完成学习第二语言的计划,并用它来改善您的生活和周围的世界。在美国还有另一种说法,“你的眼睛比你的胃大。”也就是我们说的“眼大肚小”。 你知道,当你在餐馆点太多的食物,因为你认为你可以吃下超过你的能力?当你点了太多时,你会放弃并停止进食吗?没有!你必须跟进并完成这顿饭!当你的学校作业变得困难时,你是否辍学并告诉你的老师你已经受够了?没有!跟进并坚持下去!

Live down here 生活得放松一点

After Gloria tells off one of the other soccer mom’s at her son’s soccer game, Jay scolds her, telling her that her emotions run very high and it might be better to live “down here” a little bit. What he is referring to is a more relaxed state of living. He’s basically saying that she’s a little too excitable and angry, and that she could be a little less reactive and emotional like people who “live down here” a little bit. Have you ever heard of the phrase “cool as a cucumber”? Meaning unstressed, relaxed, easy going. Well, Jay from Modern Family is more of the “cool as a cucumber” type. And Gloria… well… she’s a bit more excitable. Do you have anyone in your life that you want to tell to live down here a little more? Maybe you could also tell them to take it down a notch? You guys remember that from last week?


You’re with me on this, right? 你是支持我的,对吗?

This is an informal way to make sure that someone agrees with you on a certain issue or opinion. You could also ask, “are you with me on this?” Or,  “you know what I’m saying?” Let’s say that you are talking to someone about your feelings about pollution. You think that pollution is hazardous to people’s health and that more precautions should be taken to decrease pollutants in the air. You may ask your friend, you’re with me on this right? Basically you’re asking your friend if they agree with your opinion on pollution. Here’s a couple more examples; I just don’t think it’s right to take advantage of people’s kindness. Are you with me on this? Or, Practicing English everyday really does make a difference, you know what I’m saying?


Alright everybody, I’m going to follow through to the end of the podcast and finish up today’s episode. I hope you all can learn to live down here a little bit and find some times to relax through whatever stressful situations life may throw at you. I think learning to relax and breathe when things are stressful can help us to persevere and achieve our goals. Are you all with me on this?

I hope you all enjoyed learning this week’s useful English phrases from episode one of Modern Family! I will catch you guys next week! Stay happy, healthy, and hard-working!